Welcome to GoLiFeDays where it’s all about communicating environmental sustainability using different tools!

How my experience shaped my understanding of communicating environmental sustainability.

Welcome, I am Joshua, and GoLiFeDays is an awesomely creative idea initiated to promote environmental sustainability knowledge through communication, discovery, connections, and information sharing.

As a young man living in a small dusty and muddy village in Cameroon, South West region I had no idea about sustainability or sustainable development. Apparently, these concepts were culturally practiced and communicated with each other by our parents, even though many of them had not seen the four walls of formal education.

As I traveled from one school, university, village, town, city, or country to another my inherent experiences of how people interact and communicate with the environment were shaped in different ways. I can’t recall whether I had ever thought of how different humanistic relationships with the environment could be used as a springboard to create awareness and address environmental problems.

Because of my curiosity, and my interest in looking for ways to communicate about environmental sustainability in a manner that create widespread awareness about the human-environment relationship, I started thinking about the different ways in which environmental awareness and knowledge can be disseminated.

I’ve been blessed to travel around the world – and also blessed to have a good education. I am now inspired to join an effortless and experienced environmental sustainability community of bloggers out there who dedicate time to sharing their ideas, knowledge, experience, and philosophies with the public.

That’s where a got my inspiration to start this blog.

I’m new to the whole blog thing, but I’ll figure it all out because I want to pay it back in some small way, and hopefully inspire others out there who also embrace the philosophy that communication is what people see and understand – as such environmental sustainability requires using different tools of communicating that reaches a wider audience.

Thanks for coming by!

Please be patient while I get my site up and running, and please feel free to contact me at joshua@golifedays.com.

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